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We are your one stop solution for garage door services, repairs, and installations.




Looking for the best residential garage door repair in Vancouver, Washington? Look no further, All Tech Garage Vancouver is here to offer the best repair service in the business today. We know the needs of residential owners, and we promise to deliver prompt and reliable service for all your residential garage door repair needs.


Commercial doors protect your business from unwanted entry and crime. At All Tech Garage Vancouver, we are proud to say that our Customers are always satisfied with our excellent service! Our commercial door repair services are second to none. Unlike other companies who are a jack of all trades, we keep it simple by mastering repairs of all types of commercial doors.


At All Tech Garage Vancouver, we can install your garage door and openers based on your budget, brand, and requirements. We can remove your old door and install your new products or simply install a new garage door and opener in your new home.


We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. All Tech Garage Vancouver gives customers garage door and commercial door repair services 24/7.


All Tech Garage Vancouver are proud to say that we have some of the best technicians in the business today. We offer our customers a fast response time and reliable service. Our team has many years of experience, and many customers have told us that satisfaction is guaranteed with our services. We also give you the most affordable rates among our competitors without sacrificing the quality of work.

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What is the best residential garage door opener?

In choosing the best residential garage door opener for your home, you need to consider the features and benefits that you need. You can choose from among three types of drive systems that are available in the market today. There is the belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive. Belt drives are more expensive and are considered high end. The belt is made with materials like Kevlar, fiberglass or steel reinforced rubber. You can experience the quietest system while running so many say that this is the best drive system you can buy.

What are the standard residential garage door sizes?

There are three sizes available for garage door opener motors: one-third, one-half, and three-quarter horsepower. You need to factor in the material, size, and the number of doors you are trying to lift. For double doors, you need at least a half horsepower. Single doors can be raised by one-third horsepower. Doors that are extremely heavy would need extra power. Take note that a more powerful motor will have less stress and last longer.

How to pick the right residential garage door repair company?

In choosing the best residential garage door repair company, you need to go for a company that has experience and a good reputation. Repair jobs for garage doors are complex and can’t be left to newbies and handymen. A company that has many satisfied customers are also a sign that their service is excellent because their customers vouch for them.


How wide are commercial garage doors?

For commercial garage doors, the standard size is usually at a width of 32 feet by 2 inches and a height of 24 feet by 1 inch. You need to adjust the size depending on how big your business trucks and supplies are that are going to get in and out of those commercial garage doors.

Where to buy commercial garage doors?

When choosing a company where you can buy commercial garage doors, it would be wise to pick one that can install them as well. You can be sure that they are experienced in installing the commercial garage doors that you purchase from them.

How to adjust the commercial garage door opener?

Commercial garage door openers are more complex today compared to the past. For adjustments whether for height, speed or tension we would recommend that you leave it to the experts. Many accidents and even deaths have occurred due to simple DIY of commercial doors.


What homeowners need to know about garage door repair or installation?

Your garage doors are complex equipment and should not be tampered with if you don’t have expert knowledge in how they work. The springs can be dangerous if you don’t know how they work, accidents can happen that can even be fatal. As a responsible homeowner, you should value your own safety and don’t scrimp on spending for garage door repairs or installation.

Retractable garage door screen installation

There are benefits to installing retractable garage door screens. The first benefit is, they can be installed by anyone which can take all of 20 minutes and a dozen screws. This simple upgrade can increase the real estate value of your home. Garage spaces can be 10 feet wide, that extra space can be used for a gym, workshop or kids playroom. Retractable garage door screens allow you to turn your garage into an extra space of your liking.

How much does garage door torsion spring installation cost?

Don’t worry about paying too much for your garage door torsion spring installation. We promise to give you the best price depending on your requirements. All Tech Garage Vancouver is one of the most affordable and high quality service providers in town.

Garage Door Openers

Other companies have only one product to offer. All Tech Garage Vancouver can offer garage door openers depending on your budget and needs. Quiet close openers are now the trend, and we can make the best recommendation for a belt drive garage door opener.


What situations call for emergency garage door repair?

If your garage door stops working for any reason whether it’s a spring, opener or cable problem, you should treat this as an emergency. Doors keep our home and business premises secure from the outside, and if a garage door breaks down, you are left vulnerable to the outside world. It can be as simple as a baseball being thrown and ends up breaking a glass portion of your garage door and makes an opening where thieves can break into. Your teenager can forget all about the automatic transmission being engaged and steps on the gas resulting in breaking your garage door. All Tech Garage Vancouver can help you during these emergencies.

Can a Garage door be an emergency exit?

Garage doors that are electronic may not function during an emergency like an earthquake, fire or storm where there is no electricity. A man door can be installed in the garage door which may serve as an emergency exit.


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